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Where is Schlenzer?

Schlenzer is the northernmost village of the Niederer Flaeming community, which in turn belongs to the Dahme/Mark municipality. Located in the south of Brandenburg's Teltow-Flaeming district, the village can be reached from Berlin's southern city limits by car in about 45 minutes, from Jüterbog - by regional train 48 minutes from Berlin main station - by bus or call bus in 20 minutes. The most beautiful way to get there is undoubtedly by bike (or e-bike) on the Flaeming Skate - starting in Luckenwalde or Jüterbog with the aforementioned challenge of the climb to the mountain village. It's more difficult by plane (the connection to the BER is still a bit awkward), unless you have a small private plane with which you can land at Reinsdorf airfield south of Schlenzer; from there it's another 40 minutes or so by bike on the Flaeming-Skate.